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Ash and Meg

Mar 22, 2019

Having a boy who dances isn't exactly the norm.  But it is so cool!  Listen to this episode to hear how important it is to encourage your children to follow their passion and support them in whatever they choose to do.   

Mar 13, 2019

In Episode 43, Meg gets microbladed.   She shares her entire experience about why she decided to go this route and how she immediately regained her confidence!  In this episode you will learn more about the process and what to expect before, during, and after.  If you have been considering microblading to get those over...

Mar 4, 2019

As woman, it is so important to check in and see how you are doing emotionally. PsychoTherapist, Val, joins us to give three tips on how to get emotionally healthy in 2019.  One task she gives us is to make a list of who fulfills you.  Name 2-5 people and carve out intentional time with them each month.  Your cup should...