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Ash and Meg

Nov 20, 2018

We are getting ready for the holidays over here and checking our list and checking it twice...but don't forget to put your spouse on it!  In episode 32 we talk about prioritizing your marriage, especially during the stress of the holiday season!  Our friend, Val Spiropoulous, co-owner and psychotherapist of The Centered Life Therapy group is back again to give us her expert advice on this topic.  She shares three key ways we can reconnect with our significant other to make them feel appreciated during this crazy time but anytime, really!  One of our key takeaways is checking in with them.  In other words, include them in the planning.  They may not want to be a part of the process but they will feel appreciated knowing you asked for their opinion...just be sure you are actually ready for that opinion!    Tune in to hear more great tips and advice and watch your marriage thrive!